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Our Founder and CEO, Paige Bluhdorn, is a native New Englander from the smallest state in the US, Rhode Island. At an early age Paige ventured to Manhattan to dance at the School of American Ballet. Little did she know she would grow too tall to enter into a ballet company and instead used her height of 5'10" to start walking the runway. With the likes of Iman & Linda Evangelista, Paige was doing photo shoots and commercials in the fast paced modeling world during the 1980s for clients such as Chanel, Giorgio Armani and Valentino . This spelled out travel, travel, travel.

More captivated by looking out of a viewfinder, Paige has not been able to put a camera down since the age of 19.  A fascination with the world around her lead Paige to explore North Vietnam on a photo essay assignment.  Remembering to keep somewhat grounded during this era, Paige invested in a restaurant on NYC’s Upper East Side not far from famous literary hang out Elaine's. "I learned a lot from the restaurant business and have more respect for those who create the right ambiance, food and wait staff, which is why I like to applaud the establishments we feature on"  To let us know about your business in the Dominican Republic, write to us at


Other motivations for founding are her passion for the arts and promoting artists, whether in the areas of the culinary arts, fine arts, fashion design, music, and more. Paige thoroughly enjoys exploring and sharing new experiences with people, listening to what they think and learning new and interesting ideas. "My vision for is to explore, share and exchange information and to promote not just the places but also people throughout the Dominican Republic.” For Paige, it's exciting to present the talents and uniqueness of others;  artists who want to share their work should send images to


If shopping were an Olympic sport, Paige would be a gold medalist.  She claims “it's all in the name of research!” Want to ask Paige where to find great women's fashions in Santo Domingo and La Romana? The shopping section will help the seasonal islander spice up their wardrobe or add furniture or accessories to their new home as well as cater to natives who needs to know about a new business that have come into their area.  Whether it's kitchen appliances or the latest fashion craze, Paige wants you to know, so watch out for the shopping section, which we will be informative and inspire you. Currently Paige is looking for local Dominican designers, from interior designers to fashion and everything in between -- so please write to us at

 “I look forward to hearing from you!”


Paige first visited the Dominican Republic with her husband in the early nineties and has been returning again and again ever since, mostly to their second home in Casa de Campo or to her third home at the Sofitel Nicolas de Ovando in Santa Domingo's Colonial Zone.

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Paige can usually be found: 

Checking out Jewelry at Luna de Crystal in Santo Domingo or Bill Everett Designs in Altos de Chavón .


Cruisin’ the shops at Casa de Campo Marina: for the latest in Dior and Miu Miu at Mediterraneo, adding to an already extensive shoe collection at Tacco y Punta , or Nuovo Rinascimiento  for unique items for the home.


Walking the historic Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo


Dining on her favorite Cambodian salad at bobos or one of Emilio's scrumptious gourmet sandwiches.


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